Embedded Systems

An embedded system performs functions dedicated to a larger electrical or mechanical system, with limitations of real-time computing. As the word suggests, it is embedded in the device which can be hardware or mechanical device. Embedded systems tend to control large number of devices like laptops, PCs and which are in general use nowadays.

The Embedded Systems consist of digital signal processors also known as DSPs or microcontrollers which are processing cores. The processor is the most essential part of an embedded system and is its main unit. Our Embedded Systems Training in Delhi takes care to teach characteristics of Embedded Systems to the participants.

The core characteristic of the ES is dedicated handling of specific tasks. Since, the embedded system only performs particular tasks; the design-based engineers can reduce the cost and size of the product and increase its performance to a large extent.

Students also learn to use Embedded Systems on different devices including portable devices such as MP3 players, digital products, large Installations like factory controllers, traffic signals and controls and complex systems like MRI, vehicles, and aircrafts. The complexity may vary from system to system and thus it can be used as microcontroller chip in a digital clock to peripherals placed inside big chassis.

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