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The RedHat Linux is an operative system developed by company named Red Hat Enterprises to sell in the open market. The server versions that have been released till date include x86, x86-64, Power PC, IBM System Z for servers and x86 and x86-64 for desktops. The Red Hat’s training and support programs as well as its certification program revolves around the platform of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL which is its famous abbreviation.


Our RedHat Lunix Training in Delhi coves information about the The Red Hat Linux Advanced Server or RHAS, which was the first version or Red Hat Enterprise Linux and was launched in the market some years back. But in 2003, this was re-launched with a new brand name called Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS with addition of two variants. The variants were called Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS.


Our participants also get a chance to study the unique marketing strategy of Red Hat for distribution of their software in the commercial market. Though Red Hat has strict licensing procedures to restrict illegal copying of versions under Red Hat Enterprises Linux, the source code is freely provided for the software even where it not mandatory. Due to this, a lot of distributors have re-build and re-branded versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that can be sold legally without any official support of Red Hat Enterprises.


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