Android Application Development

Android Application Development implies creating new applications for the Android based systems. Though, there are some other development tools available, the applications generally use the Java programming language with the help of Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop new applications for Androids. This is the new big thing in the current software market specifically used for the new generation android-based smartphones, with an estimated 7 lakh applications already been developed since 2012 and billions of downloads worldwide.


We offer a complete knowledge of the Kit for Android Software or Application Development in our Android Application Development Training in Delhi. Our kit consists of a whole set of development tools that include the libraries, debugger, sample code and tutorials. The supported platforms included Linux running computers, Mac OS X, Windows XP etc as presently the Android softwares cannot be developed on the Android system itself. Any enhancements in the Android Software development Kit runs parallel to the whole Android platform development. These development tools can be downloaded easily and both newer and older platforms can be checked for testing.  The format used for Android Applications is .apk and the storage is done under data / app folder of Android OS. The package consists of resource files etc.


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