Network Security

As the word stands “network security” implies any activity that is designed to secure and safeguard the network. The activity will thus safeguard the integrity, usability, safety and reliability of the network and data. A good network security will target and neutralize the threats from entering and further spreading into the network.

The threats to the network can come from many sides and our Network Security Training in Delhi takes care of the following features:
• Spyware and adware
• Virus and Worms
• Trojan Horses
• Hacking Attacks
• Data Compromise
• Identity Compromise and Theft
It is very essential to understand that while there are multiple threats, there are multiple solutions for treating these threats. The security has to be multi layered so that each layer can protect the network in case one layer fails. The network security requires both updated hardware and software support solution to withstand the threat.
As such there are various components working together in network security, and major ones include which we teach to students include:
• Firewalls
• Anti-virus solutions
• IPS or Intrusion prevention systems
• VPN or Virtual Private Networks

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